BREASTMILK trio collective debut
focuses on the research-based, transgressive, interdisciplinary practices that interweave mediums such as performance, video art, multimedia installations, questioning and transcending the boundaries typically imposed by conventional, artistic frameworks.
The core aim of the project is to stimulate the discussion and critical discourse surrounding a wide array of crucial issues regarding sexual violence and bodily oppression, as well as the advocacy for women's and queer rights. Navigating on the diversified basis consisting of cultural studies, mythology, mother-child narrations, archetypes, posthumanist and postgender theory with the attitude of punk-and-porn-stars BREASTMILK feeds and heals itself. The project seeks to delve deeply into the intricacies of power dynamics inside and outside of dating, artistic scene, womanhood, war, sex and political structures.


MODERATION: Katarzyna Oczkowska.
PANELISTS: Magda Ujma, Karolina Szczypek, Kamil Kuitkowski, Arti Grabowski, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Rafał Żwirek.
AWARENESS TEAM: Muzeum Herstorii Sztuki.
ORGANISERS: Kolektyw Rzeczy & BREASTMILK trio
CO-ORGANISERS: Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki w Krakowie.

BREASTMILK doesn’t strive to be politically correct but to be true.
BREASTMILK is unapologetically vulnerable.
BREASTMILK will feed you, heal you and teach you.
BREASTMILK will penetrate you with consent.
BREASTMILK is three of us.
BREASTMILK thinks outside gender.
BREASTMILK has an aftercare kink.
BREASTMILK would do the abortion.
BREASTMILK is moist with symbolism.
BREASTMILK wants to believe in non-patriarchal masculinity.
BREASTMILK uses transgressive practice to attain liberation.
BREASTMILK is furious and wants the change now.
BREASTMILK is vanilla and pepper.
BREASTMILK has loving parents.
BREASTMILK is a welcoming drink.
BREASTMILK fucking hates the terrorist state.
BREASTMILK holds hands and pulls triggers.
BREASTMILK is a victim?
BREASTMILK is poetic.
BREASTMILK is the successor of Baubo the goddess.
BREASTMILK has big pussy energy.
BREASTMILK welcomes fucks and fuckups.
BREASTMILK wants an opposition to dichotomies.​​​​​​​
respectfully punk,