“Galya carries water” zine publication is based on the common ground practices of Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu and Mariia Mytrofanova during the first month of dialog at the Schiesslhaus Air residency program in Kollnburg, Germany, 2023. The publication features "Self-objectifying sessions" static performance series, “Galya carries water” improvisation piece and “Geburtstag der Therese" comemorial practices.
The entering source of the project is the "Galya carries water" reanalysed Ukrainian song, through it's glance the publication holds two main lines, commemorial practices and the issue of objectivisation.
“Galya carries water” zine is translated into the format of a music-notation book, which Mariia has created for Ayse. The actual interpretation of the publication improvised by Ayse and Mariia is available through the qr-code which is located on the back side of the zine or with the link:
"Galya carries water" zine publication is available online and open for the music reinterpretations:
Mariia Mytrofanova (vocal, performance)
Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu (cello, sound)
Published by Paul Wick in the Bavarian Forest.
Supported by Schiesslhaus_air.