"Quieter", 2021
The journey through the artist's world is discovering the unknown, going to the other side, a long dream. The artifacts she creates are a form of a vehicle, which she used herself in a performative action made during the night of the kupala. Mariia Mytrofanova, clothed in a fabric with mysterious symbols, "rested" on the Krak's Mound and fell asleep mystically drawing energy from this prehistoric monument during the unique solstitium time, i.e. the summer solstice. The artist's art is an attempt to face the phenomena not only of transition, but also of rebirth. It is especially visible in the extraordinary practice in which it allows plants to grow on their creations. Its comprehensive activities encourage recipients to meditate, regain peace of mind and calmness. Let us calm down. Quiet. Quieter.
text: Robert Domzalski