"Self-objectifying sessions", static performance series.
2023, ongoing project

"Self-objectifying sessions" is an ongoing project that explores the phenomenon of objectification and its connection to violence.

Within the context of gender studies and feminist theory, the concept of objectification of the female body refers to the process in which women are reduced to mere physical objects, valued primarily for their outward appearance, sexual desirability, and physical attributes, while their inner thoughts, feelings, and individuality are disregarded or ignored. This phenomenon encompasses various societal practices and attitudes that treat women as passive recipients of the male gaze and perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards, commodifying and devaluing their humanity. The objectification of the female body is deeply rooted in gender inequalities and contributes to the marginalization and disempowerment of women in broader social structures.
The project involves conducting exercises in self-objectification by replacing vases on tables.
In the context of my artistic practice, I engage in the objectification of my own body and utilize this act as a means of substituting myself with an object.
It stems from a long-standing interest in understanding the motivations behind collectors' perspectives. Historically, collecting has often been a male privilege, with men taking on leading roles in forming collections and determining the standards of value and importance attributed to various objects. This reflected and perpetuated gender inequalities in the realm of collecting and in the representation of history and culture.

Vases, often regarded as objects of bourgeois collections, possess historical value and aesthetic significance, representing material manifestations of elitism. There is a notable parallel between the vase and a woman, as well as between a collection of vases and a collection of women, which disturbs me at the very moment.