The objects are made of plaster material, sometimes hardened with hair.

The origin of the object’s shape goes to the vase which was brought from mariia’s hometown Odesa, Ukraine and went through several evacuations. The vase was handed over to her by Lydia Kulikova (grandmother) and Tetiana Mytrofanova (mother) as a memory-holder of the family code.
Only the bad-quality silicone mold and the product-photo documentation of the vase got preserved through years of relocations, the vase itself got lost.

White, fragile, ugly, imperfect, solid objects cannot recreate the object, represent the memory coded in it or even fulfill the main vase function: to hold water or/and flowers in it.
The vase is reconstektualisation-open interactive object for the commemorate or non-commemorate practices of choice of its owner.
Through a person's interaction with the object the grief of mariia for the home and personal losses will be connected with the person's experience.